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This assessment is intended for the use of suggestions and in no way will result or guarantee any scholarship offers. It is ultimately the student-athlete's responsibility to perform due dillegence with each school recommended. It is the student-athlete's responsibility to get to know each college coach and establish a relationship to understand their coaching style, philosophy and how their skill set fits into that program's system. Matchlete Inc. does not directly or indirectly work with any NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA college programs, coaches or staff members to aid in any recruiting efforts, whatsoever. *

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A walk-on can eventually earn scholarships but there is no guarantee.
If you chose to walk-on, how much are you willing to pay per semester in tuition, books, meals and housing? *

Student loans and grants can cover this. Keep in mind that out-of-state costs are doubled.

What year do you expect to get significant playing time in college? *

Be honest with your abilities. The better the athletic program, the harder it is to get playing time over upperclassmen, unless you're a stud (which you might be).

What type of program history would you like to be a part of? *

This is asking how much you care about winning.

Do you have aspirations of becoming a professional athlete? *

Out of 480,000 NCAA athletes, only 2% will go pro.
What type of facilities on campus would you prefer? *

Stadium, practice facilities, dorms, etc.

When playing games, what size crowd do you prefer? *

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Next is the most important part of the assessment, so review each choice carefully and think about what it is you are truly seeking in a college program.

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